Activity Rules

  • The first objective of our activities is to put our members in touch with each other. We ask you to treat each other (and each other’s dogs) with respect, so the activities are enjoyable for everyone.

  • In no event will the AMCB be held liable for any damage or injury whatsoever.

  • Each participant is responsible for himself and his dogs. Participants must be in order on their family insurance in the event that their dog may cause damage to third parties.

  • All dogs must have all their vaccines up to date and must carry an electronic identification chip.

  • All dogs must be kept on a leash and those who could possibly bite must be muzzled, both on a leash during the walks and attached to the chain when at a stake out.

  • Parents (or their legal substitutes) are responsible for their children. In case of misbehavior, it is the parent’s responsibility to keep the children under control.

Activity Calendar

The agenda below shows you all our activities. You will find more information about our activities in the link in the description of each activity.

We are also adding activities from other organizations that we consider to be of interest to the owners of the Alaskan malamute. (This type of activity is indicated with ** in the title).

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