Despite its loyalty, an Alaskan malamute needs a rigorous and consistent education from an experienced master! Teach it its place in the family hierarchy. This is not the ideal dog for a first time dog owner.

Early socialization with people and other dogs is very important in developing a good and balanced dog. Attending puppy classes can help with socializing.

The Alaskan malamute can consider small animals (chickens, rabbits, cats…) as easy prey. Early socialization can also help diminish that. (Alaskan malamutes from some of our members can perfectly deal with cats, because they grew up together, although it is not recommended to leave them alone with chickens).



An Alaskan malamute overflows with energy. It needs a lot of exercise to be happy, otherwise it is likely that he will use its energy aimed at your house (or garden) to turn upside down.

Here are some examples of activities that are suitable for an adult Alaskan malamute:

  • Mushing (one or more dogs that are dragged on a trolley, step, or kart)

Important note: According to the Belgian Law, a dog may not be used as a draft animal. Mushing (and related activities) fall under these rules and are allowed only if the owners are in possession of a valid licence of a mushing federation. It is therefore necessary to join a Mushing club to practice this sport such as: the Vlaamse Federatie voor Sledehondensport (VFS), The Inuit Trail (TIT), the Brussels Mushing (BRUM) and Snow Racing Team (SRT). For more information, please visit the site of Mushing Belgium.

  • Bike – and skijoring (linked to mushing 1 to 2 dogs that drag a person by bike or skis)
  • Cani-cross (1 to 2 dogs running alongside a companion)
  • Backpacking
  • Swimming



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Here are some pictures posted by our members


  • Kaskae Sleddog Team
  • Kyona
  • Chinanook’s Hailey a.k.a. Hailey
  • Team Kadzait
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